Fuji Instax 300 Wide - A Review

One word, fun. Actually two words, fun & expensive. Depending on where you score your film each image comes in at about a buck a photograph, give or take. Beyond that, I haven't encountered so much 'cool factor' from people since shooting my Hasselblad. Film, gotta love it! So far Ive banged out about 3 packs (60 shots) and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Aesthetically, I love just about everything about the camera save the little lens which comes out when you turn the camera on. I don't know, that part just seems cheap. Granted, the camera itself only costs about $130-140 retail and of course .. is made in China. Aside, it feels right in my hand and the viewfinder, which reminds me of old rangefinders, frames subjects beautifully.

I've done a little experimenting with the different settings of the camera and also covered the flash with tape in some low light settings. With respects to covering the flash, don't. You'll pretty much end up with a blank image. Being used to shooting with digital, I can capture low light aesthetics with a dslr. With the Fuji or a Polaroid you have to accept the camera for what it is and what it can and can't do, that's part of the beauty.

One side note about the camera - If you're like me, and sorta haphazardly throw your cameras in your messenger or your backpack I would suggest taking one of the batteries out prior to doing so. The reason being, it doesn't take much for the power button to get nudged into the on position. If that happens, out comes your lens and from there it doesn't take much for it to break. I learned the hard way. Luckily the good people at one of the downtown Portland camera shops were nice enough to exchange it out.

All in all, it's a fun little camera that responds well to great light. Sorta curious about he longevity of the film itself but we'll cross that bridge in another post. That said, If you don't mind the cost of the film or are a one-and-done type shooter, I would definitely encourage you to pick one up.